How to Configure Mac Mail using IMAP or POP3

1. Open Mac Mail

2. Click the "Mail" menu at the top, then select "Preferences".

3. Select the "Accounts" Tab.

4. To Create/Add new E-mail Accounts, Click the "+" icon in the bottom left corner

5. Enter your Full Name, Email address, and Password. Then click Continue.

6. Enter the following information for Incoming Mail Server:

7. Click Continue.

8. Enter the following information for SMTP: ( on POA)

9. Check the box for Use Authentication. Enter Your full Email Address and Password into the correct fields.

10. Click Continue.

11. Check the box Take Account Online

12. Click Create

13. You will then return to the Accounts Window. You may close this window as mail is currently being downloaded to your MacMail.  By clicking your inbox, you will see any new mail that has been downloaded or click Get Mail.

Note: If you have trouble sending email out, try to change the SMTP port number to 587 and choose Authentication setting as follows:

14.Congratulations you have finished the setup of your email account!