Android Hosted Exchange Mailbox Setup Instructions

The following screenshots will assist you with setting up your Hosted Exchange mailbox with your Android Phone.

* Please confirm you have an CNAME record in your DNS named autodiscover."domain name" pointing to

* ActiveSync needs to be enabled through your control panel

1. On the Home Screen Select "Mail"

2. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

3. Enter Your Email Address (ex:

4. Enter Your Password

5. Select Next.

6. Leave the Domain Field Blank

7. Enter your Hosted Exchange Mailbox Login for the Username. (Note if your using a split domain option your username will look something like this

8. Select Next

9. Enter the Server Address:

10. Check the box: This server requires an encrypted SSL Connection.

11. Select Next.

12. After the Verification completes you are presented the option to synchronize Mail, Contacts, and Calendars for your Hosted Exchange Mailbox.

13. Select Finish Setup

14. Congratulations you have successfully setup your mailbox to use Hosted Exchange on your Android Phone.