How To Configure Entourage 2008 using IMAP or POP3

To configure your Entourage 2008 mail client to connect to your mailbox on Exchange Server, follow these instructions:

1. Open Entourage 2008.

2. Click Entourage, and select Account Settings.

3. Click on New.

4. Set Account type as IMAP. Click on OK.

5. Fill out the following fields:

• Enter your email address to the Account name and E-mail address fields.
• Enter your name to the Name field.
• Enter your Mailbox Login to the Account ID field.
• Enter your Mailbox Password to the Password field.
• Check the Save password in Mac OS X Keychain checkbox.
• Enter the mail server address your domain points to in the IMAP or POP3 server field.
• Enter the mail server address your domain points to as Outgoing mail server to the SMTP server field.

6. Click OK.

7. Select "Click Here for advanced sending options"

8. Check SMTP server requires authentication.

9. Click ok

10. Close Accounts window.

Now you are able to send and receive email using Entourage 2008!