How to Configure Eudora 6.1 using IMAP or POP3

1. Open Eudora, Then go to Tools, then Options.


2. Under the Options window, select Getting Started.


3. In the Real Name field, type in your Name.


4. In the Return Address field, type in your email address: (Example:


5. In the Mail Server (Incoming) field, type in your POP3 mail server. (Example:


6. In the Login Name field, type in your email address: (Example:


7. In the SMTP Server (Outgoing) field, type in your mail server. (Example:

(If your ISP doesn't allow SMTP relay, you'll need to use their SMTP settings. Incoming setting do not change.)


8. If you're using our mail servers, we require SMTP authentication, You'll need to check "Allow Authentication" box.


9. Thank click "OK" button to finish.


You are now ready to use Eudora for your POP3 mail.

Note if you are having issues sending out through port 25 try sending through port 587 instead using the following steps:

1. Check the "587" box for the personality actually sending the mail (the "Personalities" window allows each to have independent settings, including "Dominant," although "Dominant" corresponds to the main "Options" settings anyway)

2. Set "Secure Sockets when Sending" to "Never"

3. Check "allow authentication"